You make something out of nothing. You pour yourself into your business everyday. You think about it as you fall asleep. You invest your time, your talents, and your very soul into making it work. The Durocher Law Firm exists for one purpose - to help you along the way. We provide business and corporate legal services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups in the Dayton, Ohio area. In short, we provide counsel for innovators. 

Starting your business

You've got a great idea and you're ready to turn it into a business. But you're not exactly sure how to deal with the legal processes involved. No worries! We can help you choose the right entity type, file the right paperwork with government, write the necessary agreements, and obtain your EIN from the IRS. 

Dealing with others

Many businesses need help with contracts. You might need an attorney to review a lease agreement, write a contract for your customers to sign, or to review the documents that another business wants you to sign. We can do those things quickly and efficiently for you, so that you can get back to business.


Protecting what's yours 

Like all successful businesses today, you've probably spent countless hours developing your brand. With our help, protecting it under the current trademark laws is probably easier than you think.

Counsel along the way

From time to time, you're going to have legal questions. Whether it's questions about sales tax, employment law, or a dispute with another business or customer, we're only a call away.